A Little About Me...

Photo Of Me

Hi I'm Chris Woor and I'm a freelance photographer. I was born in Luton, UK and I've lived between Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire ever since.
I started taking photos when I was a small child. I was given my first 35mm compact as a birthday present and I had it out at every opportunity on family holidays etc. I then brought a new 35mm Compact (with zoom) with my pocket money and I could never put this down either. From there on, I was hooked. I got myself a Compact Digital, then another, then a 35mm SLR. Now I'm using Canon EOS DSLRs for most things that I do.

Photography isn't just a job to me. It's my passion. That might sound a little cliche, but I really do mean it and I always try to document that passion in shots I make.
I love music and I really hope that comes across in the shots I take during gigs. It's not just gigs that I shoot. I'm up for getting involved in almost anything. Whether it be Promo, Events, Wildlife, Landcapes or anything else that comes my way, I try to keep my imagery creative, colourful and energetic.

When I'm not taking photos for someone, I'm usually still there with my camera taking them for fun... for myself, just like I always have done.
When I'm not doing that, you'll probably find me enjoying electronics, I.T., cars or getting involved with Scouting. I'm a leader at my local Scout Group and I've recently gained my Queens Scout Award.